Short Note



Something to show you guys which i found when i was leaving the homestay during the trip to Sabah. Look carefully at the 2 pictures below...

See anything...just a normal horse right?

Now look at the difference between the picture above and the picture below...

Look at those....huge...big...indescribable...

At first we cant see anything...very small...but when the horse wanted to do his "business", out of sudden...something penetrated out..slowly but long...and huge...and splash!!! fussshhhh!!! like the firefighter hose...spraying out high velocity liquid full with nutritious substance which benefited the soil. After he did that, that place where he aim was full with bubbles and it looked like the horse stomped the land and created a shallow hole...

For your information...its quite smelly...the unique aroma can be smelt 1-2metres away..haha




Mini vodka

Mini Chivas Regal 18Year

Japanese Liquor

Collections of paradise..

Corazon de Cruzcampo - Taste like Shandy + Carlsberg

2 in 1 shot

Only RM4.50 due to duty free

Danzka Cranberyaz Vodka - RM30 (duty free)


Sad day...

Today is a day to remember one of the sad moment in my life...something that i least expect surprised me out of no where and eventually made my mind spinning around..Its a day i re-learned something important in life...learn about trusting...about friendship...about love...about money....about cheating...about sacrificial....though i seemed to knew it but every time it happened its still a new experience.

Sabah Trip

Summit of Mount Kinabalu
Just got back from my 1 week trip to Sabah, Malaysia. It's not entirely a visit to Sabah. The journey began at Kuching, Sarawak. Took a 1 and half hour midnight flight by Airasia to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. After the sun rises, we travelled by van to Slagon Homestay. The journey took about 3-4 hours. On the way, we passed by Pekan Nabalu and several other community.

Pekan Nabalu
Pineapple Tower
Not that tall...
Look at the roofs
Mesmerizing Scenery
Heaven gleamed
Have you seen this? Its called buah terap
Mini size of durian but taste like amonanas (if you know what is that) or sweet mangosteens
Snake skin? NO! Its called buah salak. From left is the seed of this fruit then is the part where the fruit can be eaten and the right is the outer layer of the buah salak. It taste very dry, sourly and sweet.

Slagon Homestay - The place we play with their dogs, BBQ and overnight
We visited the hot spring nearby Slagon Homestay and also have some fish to massage us.

Hot Spring
What do you feel bathing and immersing in hot tub in this kind environment?
The water is extremely hot and mixed with natural sulphur
Kipungit Waterfall
Help!! The fish is biting my feet!! Actually they are massaging your feet but it feels ticklish
Its a baby fish...not a leech
Having breakfast with the owner of the homestay. This breakfast is not free....we have to pay for it! Does she look familiar to you....someone you often see in TV?

The owner showing us his horses and ponies behind his house. They are not very well mannered...they shit and pee in front of us and kick anyone who stand behind them
Next destination is back to Lawas, Sarawak. We spent 2 nights there in our friend's house and also have a party there for a 1 month old baby.

On the way to Lawas passed by Kuala Penyu
Passing through Sabah border back to Sarawak border
Lawas bridge..."very well maintained"
Free Bario paddy rice from friend - Local paddy which free from pesticides
Guess what is this....its called "Pong Pia" (Direct translation from hokkien to English is "Expanding Biscuit") - Only available certain time and we are lucky to be able to taste it and bought some back
After 2 nights there, we went to labuan and have some alcoholic shopping spree. We back to Kota Kinabalu and proceed to the islands around Kota Kinabalu and eventually we ended our trip with a luxury dinner and karaoke.

We took a 30 minutes speed boat to Labuan
Don't swim in this sea....
Titanic?? No...just a ferry NOT the transport we ride to labuan
The boat has arrived...they look like pirates
Mini sized
Mega Heineken
Purchased alcohols
Jesselton Point - Jetty to islands
Ship wreaked with 2 survivors..
Pulau Sapi
Crystal Clear Water
Sapi Beach
Don't make me angry...
Lobster King
Fresh Lobster
Sabah Vegetable
Green Mussels
Prawn - Heh Kor in hokkien
Gigantic lobster - COST RM320
Soft Shell Crab
Lobster Head Soup

KK BOX - Karaoke which include free buffet and free drinks for students (T&C apply)