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Brand new Proton Saga

Look at this....haha....It happened during my day at Shah Alam. We were going for the Robocon competition early in the morning around 9am. The UITM students were having classes that day. They parked their vehicles until outside of the campus compound and this car....was blocking the way. The road was quite narrow. There were buses passing through that narrow road. But, somehow there were many cars along the side way of the roads. This car, a brand new Proton Saga, parked his car at the turning point which causes all the buses jammed.

Thus, we found a solution....look at the video...haha.


Finally, i am free to upload some pictures regarding the Robocon 2009 - Travel Together for the Victory Drums. The details for this competition has been stated in my previous blog. There is also a video about the rules in this competition at here. 64 teams joined this competition from local and private university as well as those politechnic and colleges. Lazy to post those detail information such as before, during and after a match. So, just enjoy the pictures that were taken.

Robocon 2009 started in Malaysia at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam from 5-10 May 2009 (with test run on the 5th and 6th May). The winner for this year's competition goes to MMU ROBOFORCE 1 from MMU Melaka. They have the fastest record when they were competing against UM which they took only about 54 seconds to finish the tasks and hit the 3 drums. They will be representing Malaysia to compete at Tokyo. Other awards given out can be viewed here.

Satisfied with the result gained by our team. We managed to produced 6 robots within 3 weeks with tight budget as well as not getting a 24hr room to built it (approximately 14 hours a day maximum except the last day). We sent 2 teams and my team was unlucky as we have to face those strong team including MMU, UTM and UTP (this 3 are the top). However, fortunately, another UNIMAS team managed to win 2 matches out of 3 matches but was still unable to proceed to top 16 due to the lack of 2 marks against UTAR. Even though they won UTAR in the 2nd match but on the 3rd match they lost some marks.

The game field

Ninja robot - From other university

Height inspection - POLIMAS (Politeknik)
Robots that my university built (in 3weeks!!)
Looks like junk metal
Lining up for battle - one of the simplest design and also simplest circuit
Army of 6 (finally finished after the 2nd day of test run)
Circuit of other team - they even use the fan from PC
Look at those technology.....actually they bought the circuit board. If I not mistaken the main supplier for this kind of board is from Cytron.
UKM design
Also look complex but the circuit was bought from semiconductor companies
This circuit board was the basic circuit for many teams from other universities. It includes a programmer which could burn the source code directly from the PC to the microcontroller via USB. I saw many robots uses this kind of board.
Look at the car battery - creative right? haha
This robot have some sort of pressurizer which they use it for hydraulic kind of purposes.
UTM - A winning robot but they violates the rules by having an illegal test run on the game field early in the morning and was caught on a video in youtube (removed after they withdrawn). Eventually, they withdrawn by themselves from the competition after a petition was made by all the other universities.
After the competition we were having our own homemade-cybercafe with the collaboration between UNIMAS, UMS, and Curtin in one of the room at UITM Shah Alam.

Gained a lot of experience in this competition and was proud of what we had achieved in such a short time. I still remember during the inspection of our robot by the referees, our robots was not completed yet and we don't even have battery for each robots. Even worst, we programmed our microcontroller and tested it 1 minute before we enter the game field. Really lucky...haha.



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Note: Event Ended


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