Short Note


Smashing the door

Recently, my room door knob is jammed. The key could be inserted but could not be twisted to open the lock. Fortunately, my roomate and I was outside of the room and not locked inside of the room like what happened to one of my housemate, not too long before this incident.

We had tried various ways to open the door using the "gentle" way but was in vain. After almost an hour locked outside, which hinder us from our plan of having a dota match, we decide to go for the "rough" way. The door was smashed opened with a super kick from my roomate, vibrating and damaging the whole door, with the sound roaring till can be heard by the apartment neighbours nearby!!

Don't play play... he has been training his leg for this moment throughout his life...

Unfortunately, because of the brutal act, my room could not be locked that night since there are no locksmith around that time as it was Sunday. Out of desperation, a solution was seek and look at what we had achieved!

Locked a door with a chin-up bar made from steel supported by the wooden bed with some rubber grip at the end of the bar


3 point Dim Sum Hunt

Location: 3 point, Kuching
Date: 17 August 2009
Specialty: Dim Sum

Interior of 3 point. Looks bit but actually, there is a huge mirror at the back there to reflect the surrounding to show that it is big.

Menu number 1 - RM6

Menu number 2 - Rm4

Baby abalone

High quality fragrant chinese tea

Loh Mai Kai which taste like loh mai fan

Various dim sums including pau, egg roll, siew mai, har kau and chicken feet. Apparently, almost ordered the whole list from the menu. ^^


Badminton Racket

Just bought 2 racket for only RM49.90. It's actually a "Buy 1 Free 1" promotion. This promotion includes a badminton bag. I was sharing with a friend and each person would be approximately RM25. VERY GOOD PRICE ^^

Since I bought the racket at The Spring, I walked around the shopping mall and look at what I've found!

"Please do not throw coins into the water feature"

What does the above statement meant?? Below are my interpretations:

Don't give you money? (Think you beggar?)
Don't throw money at you? (Of course. Nobody would like to be insulted.)

Even if someone would like to give you money but you wouldn't accept?
(hang water is it...)
Don't accept coins but only accept money notes?!
(What?!really "cia lat" lo!!)

After thinking for a moment.....

Want people to throw money at places other than the water feature?
(Where is that?!! Your house?! Give $ also wan to "ah chi ah cho" here! kns)



Location: Vogue Cafe (4th mile, Kuching)
Date: 21 August 2009
Specialty: Western food
Event: Khoo's Birthday (simple party but full of 'heart' :P)

Vogue Menu

The interior design of Vogue. They even have those table that need to sit with the leg crossed just like what you saw in TV on Japanese dining room

Forgotten all the drink names but this drink is basically a scoop of ice-cream inserted into an ice-cream soda drink

Acid Drink

Green poison...u dare?!

Water from the ocean...really??

Its actually a longan milk drink (with blue colouring)

Fruit punch - This is what I drank there. The fruits consists of watermelon, pineapple, and longan

This is the most special drink. It's a chocolate mocha but it has 2 small tiny hand inside and it will help you to stir the drink while providing you the cannibalistic sensation.

Fish & Chips - RM10.90

Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce - RM11.90

Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce - RM11.90

Pork Chop - RM11.90

Enough of the FOODS!!! Let's take a look at the cake (still food actually... ==")

Look like peach bun with lots of.....ahem...

Can't think of a more special way of inserting the candle without destroying the beauty of the cake. So, we tried out something unique (trying to make the birthday boy to have a hard time to blow the candle)

The birthday boy happily holding the cake while thinking of a way to settle the candle. Surprisingly, he managed to blew all the candles at once (maybe he had been practicing blowing candles for this day to come) :D



Look at this player...Cool man..

Found this player when I went into my friend's car 4 days ago. When I saw this player I, the first thing that come into my mind is:

"Oh...this should a GPS monitor".

Suddenly, one of my friend touch it and the stereo system produce musics. I was surprised. It also has the video and karaoke function and also shows MTV or music video while listening to the music. Which mean, this player supports mp3, mp4, wma, wmv, mpeg, avi and other formats. This is player for all. Let's take a closer look.

What is he poking around??!!


Aware of this people!!!

Adidas King Of The Road 2009
(2 August 2009)

Gary Robert - Final year engineering student of UNITEN and a Shah Alam runner

Almost reach the finishing line - exhausted but still full with determination for the 22km race

Finally reached the finishing line

But collapsed due to exhaustion and dehydration

After Gary Robert collapsed, what happened next?

He asked for WATER but could not get any and the paramedic arrived 15 minutes later! Then they carried him away in a stretcher. BUT without any basic medical treatment! Which mean NO WATER!

Alright, what happened next?

Two of his friend waited for Gary at the meeting place which they decide earlier but could not find him anywhere and got worried (of course, who don't). They intend to use the PA system during the announcement of winner to ask about Gary's news but was REJECTED by the organizer.

The reason they gave was very simple: "...PA system for personal issues was not allowed."

When the friends asked the organizers about the situation they ".... claimed that Gary did not finish the race as his baggage is still uncollected."

What can the friends do?

They asked for more friends and family to help search for him. Tried to lodge police report but was unable to because it has not been 24hrs. They have to rely on themselves. They continued the search until around 2am.

The next day, volunteers, MBSA officers, police officers and K9-Dogs arrived. Eventually, K9-Dog unit found Gary’s body at the end of a construction waste tunnel in the stadium.

The detail of the story can be read here including newspapers articles which filtered out almost everything and also the ACTUAL story hearsay by the witnesses and friends.

Their main objective is to seek Justice for Gary and safeguard future runners from poorly organized events especially in the areas of medical, safety and health issues. (He was one of my friend's friend.


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