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How long have I lived?

I was born on a Sunday and since my birthday...
I've been living for 22 years
I've been living for 264 months
I've been living for 1,149 weeks
I've been living for 8,043 days
I've been living for 193,039 hours
I've been living for 11,582,387 minutes
I've been living for 694,943,229 seconds
I've breathed more than 110,000,088 times!
I've blinked my eyes more than 116,600,088 times!
My heart has beaten more than 810,767,090 times!


Love: Change of Rules (Part 1)

It was only a little past 11, and the Union was almost empty. Expecting a quiet lunch, I chose a table where I could look out the window at the Quad. No sooner had I set down my tray than a familiar face materialized in front of me. "Expecting someone, Prof?" It was Mark Manasseh.

"Not at all. Pull up a chair."

He sat down with a plate of something I didn't recognize.

"What's that? Some kind of taco?"

"Haven't you ever had a gyro?" he said. "It's like a Greek taco. Gyros have been around a long time."

I shook my head. "Food has changed."

"Food isn't the only thing that's changed," he said, and lapsed into a moody silence. He chewed meditatively.

"So what else has changed?", I asked.


"You said food isn't the only thing that's changed. What else has changed?"

"Oh. The rules. They're always changing them on you in the middle of the game. I can't tell who's on first any more."

"Who's 'they'? Has the Faculty Senate changed the graduation requirements again?"

"No. Actually I was thinking of a girl." He played with his gyro, then looked up. "I guess I'm not being very clear."

"Clear enough. Girl changes terms of relationship, guy confused. You don't have to explain."

"Maybe I should. We've talked about this kind of thing once before, and I could use the perspective of an, um, older person. Do you mind?"

I shook my head. "I have time. Being so old, you know."

He reddened. "I only meant — "

I laughed. "I know what you meant. Go ahead."

"There's this girl. Molly. She's a friend. But that's it: Just a friend. You know, we talk and do things together. But I talk and do things with all my friends."

"Do you talk and do things with them the same way you talk and do things with Molly?"

"Not exactly. She's a close friend." He paused. "But just a close friend."

I smiled. "Just very close."


"And a girl."


"When you talk and do things with her, are other people included?"



"But I do things just with other friends too. Like I told her."

"Like you told her? How did the subject come up?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out."

"Suppose you tell me what happened."

"Well, we were hungry, so we were having a pizza together at Molto Alimento."

"Just because you were hungry."

"Why does there have to be another reason? Can't friends eat a pizza?"


"Anyway, we were almost done when she said something about how we've known each other for almost two years. I said yes. She said we've had a lot of fun together. I said yes. And then she said some other stuff, I don't remember what — you can't listen to everything a girl says or it would wear you out. I think I must have said yes to that too, which was probably a mistake. The next thing I knew, she was talking about how a girl needs a commitment or something. And I guess it took a few minutes for what she was saying to sink in, and I asked 'What do you mean?' And she said 'commitment' and spelled the word. And I said 'It's not like we've been dating or anything.' And she said 'What do you call it when we've been seeing each other exclusively for two years?' And I said 'What do you mean exclusively? I do things together with lots of other people.' And she said 'Not with other girls you don't' and I said 'Girls and guys both' and she said 'What girls?' And I said I couldn't think of any and she asked me why I was holding back and I said I didn't know what she was talking about and then all of a sudden she was crying and she left the table and the waiter brought the check and he looked at me like I was dogmeat and I couldn't find her and so I went home, and I keep trying to phone her but she won't return my calls and it's all I can — I mean I — well — "

He looked embarrassed and took a deep breath. "So that's why I say she changed the rules."

"From what to what?"

To be continue....
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McDonald Coke Glass Promo

McDonald is back with their limited edition Coca-cola glass promotion.

With every purchase of Coke Contour Glass Meal (Any large McValue Meal and chocolate/strawberry sundae), you will be eligible for a free limited edition coca-cola glass.
There are 7 kinds of glasses which consists of Sparkly Clear, Iconic Grey, Fresh Lime, Royal Purple, Fortune Green, Cool Blue and Perky Pink.  


Häagen-Dazs ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!!!

Location: 1681-G5, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange, 13600 Prai, Penang, Malaysia. (In short, Autocity Penang)
Price: RM33.90++ (Adult) and RM26.90++ (Children below 10 year old)

Type: Buffet Ice-cream (ALL you can eat but dine in only) 

*Promotion is expected to end at the end of october 2009 *

Promotion banner from Häagen-Dazs. Written below are the terms and condition. One of it is any wastage of ice-cream will be charged by scoop and no sharing is allowed. The plus plus (++) in the price is subject to the government taxes as usual.

Häagen-Dazs counter in Autocity Penang

Häagen-Dazs ice-cream. Look at the choices...My friend went there to celebrate a birthday party and I get some picture from his album for everyone to share this gastronomic event.

15 scoops of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream with various flavour that will make you savior every last drop (but according to my friend, he ate until he is now a little phobia to ice-cream! Haha.)

Indulge in Häagen-Dazs ICE-CREAM

Thanks Hunny.. :P


The Fellowship of the Bearers of Cold Water

An old man named Calvin had lived a good life as a farmer for years. One day an evangelist came to the community, and, in the course of his stay, visited Calvin and asked him what denomination he was. Calvin answered the question like this:

"When my grain gets ready for selling, after I've harvested it and packaged it, I can take it to town by any one of three roads, the river road, the dirt road, or the highway."

"But, when I get my grain to town and go to the buyer to sell him what I have, he never looks at me." 

But the buyer asks,

"Calvin, which road did you take to get your grain to town?" 

"What he does do is ask me if my grain is any good."

Friend, is your grain good  - the grain of your discipleship? That's all that really matters. When we get to Heaven we will probably find some (Roman Catholics) and some (Baptists) and some (Presbyterians). And they'll be just as surprised to see us as we will to see them. But we will all belong to just one fellowship. Let's call it the Fellowship of the Bearers of Cold Water. We will all be people who have lived out our discipleship through acts of kindness to others.

(Contributed by: King Duncan, Collected Sermons,


My Own Homepage

This is the normal Google homepage.

Look at how i TRANSFORM this page to PRESSTAG homepage!!
Just go here and try it out! But the search is disabled if I not mistaken.

It could also be customized with different styles :D
For this customization, go here. However, it still uses google search engine to search.



Are you interested in flash games?

Are you having limited creativity?

Need something to stimulate your mind?

I present you Eyezmaze!

Haven't heard of this game?!

Its a website that offer visitors the fun and excitement of playing flash games while stimulating one's creativity and mind. This games not only provide cute and interesting characters but, also, it tests one's mind and memory. Not to forget, catchy musics and ending surprises!

Currently, all the game is done by a Japanese guy who do not know English language. Fortunately, he has a partner who helped him to translate (but the partner was quite busy). Besides, he also received helps from his fans all over the world, helping him in the translations (nothing is impossible if your product is good). Currently, this website is offering English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French language.

The games in the website are categorized into GROW series (my favourite!), miniGROW, JOBs, other GAMEs and miniGAMEs. Also, on the upper right corner of the website there is a cute guy there waving at you (some sort of welcoming you). That welcome guy will play with you the notorious "scissors, stone, cloth".

I'll just explain about the GROW series as this is my favourite. The rest you should try out yourself as there are a lot of surprises through out the game. For the GROW series, player have finish the game by growing the character/puzzle/planet/plant/...... (depend on the game) to the highest level. Its like a puzzle. You can finish the game anyhow but different clicking order produces different ending. Well, I usually would prefer the ending where all the puzzles upgraded to lvl 5 which is the highest level as it always offer surprising ending (sometimes funny, sometimes make me "wow").

Anyway, hope you enjoy the game. EYEZMAZE


Hacking Ghost Puzzler

Ghost Trapper is a popular game in Facebook developed by Diviad. Its an interesting game that it even have a GT Wiki for this game. The wiki act as a guide for those newbies and veteran to plan their strategies throughout the game. Anyone who wanted to know more about this game can view their wiki page.

The game takes place in a fantasy version of Scotland. Players assume the roles of agents whose tasks are to expose funny ghosts to the unsuspecting world. They do so by taking pictures of the ghosts and collecting them in their photo album. Ghosts can be lured into the traps with the thing they love most: whisky!

Ghost Puzzler is one of the sub-game from Ghost Trapper. Its a game that was developed recently for the players to kill some time before their next hunt. There will be special prize given out to those that achieve the score of 2650 (Puzzler ID), 2750 (Lori Companion) and 2850 (Ekaterina Rubikski Contract). The maximum point for this game is 3200 (which is virtually impossible).

The puzzle that need to be solved by clicking 2 tiles of the same ghost. The tiles may be next to each other or can be connected by a line that is not interrupted by other tiles and that does not bend more than two times.

I will show you all the method to achieve the maximum score which is 3200 but i would advice everyone to try at your own risk. This is because it violates the game's rules and also the purpose of the game. Moreover, if you get the maximum score or around those score that are virtually impossible, your name will be listed in the "Hall Of Shame" instead of "Hall of Fame"! (as shown in the last picture below)

First, enter the puzzler game (browser tested is Firefox 3.5.3) until you reach the screen as above.

Then, start the application Cheat Engine 5.5 which could be downloaded from this. Click the computer icon as shown in the picture above.

Then, the process list will popup. Select Firefox and click open.

Lastly, enable the speedhack and change the value of the speed to 0.01 (or any desired speed) and then click apply. This speedhack slows down all flash type of applications and with this, the time for the Ghost Puzzler will be ticking slowly. You will have plenty of time to solve the puzzle.

Bear in mind, however, that you will have the possibility of being banned and your Hall of Fame will be changed to "Hall of Shame". Unless, maybe you can try to achieve the score of 2850-2900 but not the maximum score of 3200 so that no one will realise that you are cheating. I haven't tried it, so i am not sure whether this method will still label you as cheater.
Finally, enjoy the game as it is and cheating and hacking will only spoils the challenges and fun of the game. When you achieved something that is hard to achieve, you will have a better self-satisfaction rather than taking a short cut.



Preety Girls Season 2 (26pics)