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The famous Sarawak Kolo Mee
Sarawak Wan Tan Mee
Prawn Mee or Har Mee
Alcoholic Mee or Se Chiu Mien (mandarin)
Mee Po

Alright...What is the difference between all those "Mees"? As you can see...kolo mee can be said as the mother of all the other mees above. It is Sarawak proudest and famous mee because of the mee species which only available in Sarawak, though certain places in the West Malaysia also do have that kind of mee. First impression of the mee is a maggi mee (instant noodles). However, its actually different from the instant noodles. Its more soft and tender and it taste almost like "instant noodles + wan tan mee".

Then below it is Sarawak wan tan mee...its the kolo mee plus some wan tan. Oh ya..they don't have kon lou (soy sauce) wan tan mee. If you wan to experience the West Malaysia wan tan mee there then you should tell your own recipe to the shop. I usually does this. I will order wan tan mee and then ask the taukeh (shop owner) that i wan the wan tan in a separate bowl with soup and the mee add some thick soy sauce. Whenever my friends and me order this kind of wan tan mee, many of the surrounding people will look at us one of a kind as though they saw us eating something weird.

Next is Sarawak Har mee (prawn mee). Its really Prawn mee. Kolo mee with three prawns...really not worth it. By adding 3 prawns on top of kolo mee the price of the mee increses like about RM1 which I could have bought a lot of prawns at the market. The next is the alcoholic mee which I think can be found in many places.

Mee po. It is different from kolo mee as the mee is "fatter" and it taste a bit like the pan mee. Usually, when we order mee po we can choose to have pork meat or chicken meat. Usually a RM3.50 mee po can be eaten by 1-2 people because its a lot. Really a lot! But, the downside is that usually they will just give a few meats and a lot of mee which causes you to eat until your mouth saliva dried up.


Can you eat?

The unique kueh chap with kueh teow kind of mee that I am clipping with my chopstick
Basically, kueh chap consists of pork internal organs such as the meat, of course, fats, liver, intestines, skins, egg, kueh teow, egg and soup. The soup taste a bit like bak kut teh but only with a little bit more sour. Kueh chap can be eaten just like that or with rice.

Another kueh chap but without the kueh teow
Looks like bak kut teh right. But, its actually the internal organs of pig. Sometimes, when eating the kueh chap you will experience some hard, thin and short hair sticking between your teeths. Its actually the fur of the pig that is not well cleaned. The fur can be seen clearly around the organs if you look carefully at it but unfortunately, I don't have the upclose picture to show you all. Don't worry! I am still alive after eating all those things so many times. Its actually quite delicious especially when ate with spicy sambal which i usually do.


This is my first post of blog. I don't know what to write and therefore, I'll start with what is a blog?

Personally I think it can be a diary, news, event, journal, personal remarks, and a place to write, complain, comment, promote and express of our thoughts. Some uses blogs to earn fame, advertisers, friends, traffic (not traffic jam; its internet traffic), network and money. How? Simple! Just obtain an internet account bank such as paypal, maintain your blog for 3 years with adequate well written blogs with interesting and captivating topics, and then apply to some company that pay for your each post of blogs such as payperpost, Wordpress and Smorty and get some advertisers such as Google Ad Sense.

However, some uses blog as a place to let go their frustrations and to express their overwhelming creativity thoughts that were contained within their mind since the day they were born till the present day and even up till their dream and expected, soon-to-be future that is still unknown. I think most of the bloggers these days prefer to choose the half diary, half of half diary's personal opinion and half informational factualism knowledge types of virtual writing which provides benefit to both the left and the right side of the brain. It helps to release stress and at the same time helps to increase the knowledge of the world. Some will write whenever they have the feel or mood to write while some wrote a blog as a mean of storing his/her experiences, knowledge, desires of the past, identity, and other personal objectives.

Anyway, it doesn't really matters what is the purpose of blogging because a blog has a scope that is abstract and intangible, vast and prodigious, wide, comprehensive and broad scopes, definitions and purposes. As long as one is happy when blogging, that is the main concerns. Additionally, it helps to exercise one's brain and hence, might mutated into a stronger and healthy brain. Talking about brain, did you all know that Albert Einstein's brain is 15% larger and its left side hippocampus were consistently larger than those on the right?