Short Note


Food for Thought

"Its not that I am smart,"

"Its just that I stay with problems longer..."

Got from the late Albert Einstein. (mean:Do not give up!)

But for my case:

"I stay with problems longer,"

"But, I am still not smart.."


My Interview with Intel

I had an interview last week with Intel. This post will be used as my reminder in future!

Honestly, the questions asked were fundamental but I am unprepared for their technical questions. Did not do my revision! This was my greatest downfall.

Besides the normal questions such as "introduce yourself, your interest, your capability, ect ect", these are the summary of the questions asked and answers:

1. Draw a CMOS inverter truth table, schematic, stick diagram and cross-sectional view.
2. Draw a CMOS NAND and NOR gate truth table, schematic, and stick diagram.
3. Design an XOR gate using only NAND gate.
Design XOR using NAND gate

4. Design XOR gate using only NOR gate.
Design XOR using NOR gate
5. Write a simple source code to sort 10 numbers in descending order.

6. Design half adder and full adder, from truth table, simplify using Karnaugh Map and draw the schematic. (lazy to write the solution)

7. What are the 5 layers in physical layer. (I only learn the 7 OSI layers. Not the layers inside the physical layers)
Answer: The 7 layers are Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link and Physical.

8. What are the functions of data link layer?
Answer: Provide node to node packet delivery service, transmission/reception of structured streams of bits over the network media, sub-divide the physical layer's raw bit stream into structured blocks of packets, error detection and error handling.


Fire!! Fire!!

It was 8am in the morning. I was soundly asleep. Having a wonderful dream.

Out of sudden, I have difficulty in breathing. Lacking of oxygen, I paused my sweet dream and opened my eyes.

Instantly, I smelt something weird. Something BURNING!
I saw thick SMOKE outside my window.
I thought my college was on FIRE!

Hazy view

Guess what, they are burning woods right below my apartment's block! KNS!

Don't they know that burning it so near to our apartment will suffocate us?!
Don't they know that open burning is wrong?!

Even while I am writing this, i heard my housemates coughing here and there....


Ghost Puzzler (iFrame)

UPDATE in 'playing' ghost puzzler. I would not say this is entirely a cheat....its more like strategy+cheat. Some would need to try several times to get a high score.

*Click on the images for larger view* I just realized somehow it cannot be clicked...

Ghost puzzler has returned.....

First, after start the game, try as fast as possible to match those easy ones to reduce the number of tiles.

Then, download this software.

Open the application and make sure to tick on the 'Smart Click' and 'Keep on top'. The click interval is the time you want to set for the delay between each clicks. In this example, I am using 3/10 seconds. (Too fast is not a good! Because you might get an unreasonable high score!)

After that, press F4 button on your keyboard. This will initiate the recording mode.

Next part is the trickiest part. It requires your imagination to think ahead. Click and hold on the 'Record' and point towards the tiles number '1' as shown and let go your click. This will record the first click on that coordinate of your screen. Next, click and hold on the 'Record' again and let it go when you point it to another matching tile, number '2'. You can now see that you've already recorded 2 coordinates in sequence.

Continue recording for all the tiles. You need some imagination and memorizing the clicks here! Maybe you'll need a few tries to get used to it. Don't worry, you have plenty of time as the timer for the points already stop counting.

After you have recorded all the coordinates in sequence (as shown here is 36 records), press F4 again. Remember, do not scroll the page.

After you've pressed F4, this window will pop up again with 36 records. Then, its time for the automated clicks! Press F3 button on your keyboard.

You'll understand it after a few tries.

Note: I am not responsible if anyone were to get banned after using this method/strategy. Try at your own risk!

Feedback is appreciated. ^^



In my previous post here, I've shown you all how to hack the Ghost Puzzler in the Ghost Trapper game. The game developer has now implemented iframe elements to their application due to the recent changes in Facebook.

The ghost puzzler has returned with the so called 'anti-cheat system'. This means that if you follow the method shown here, you'll be banned! The developers are trying very hard to provide us a fair game....and I do respect their efforts!

The new prizes they offer are:
  • 2700 points: Ghost puzzler ID badge
  • 2800 points: Frozen mist recipe
  • 2900 points: Biochemist Dana Hunter

Actually, there is a method to overcome this 'anti-cheat system'. But, I think its a bit 'technical' and tricky. So, I'll stop here while I find a simpler way to show you all.

Follow me and stay tuned for updates..... :-)



Famous Kueh Chap in Kuching

Unbeknownst to many....Even to some of the locals. Its location was so sacred that many were lost during their hunt. Many gives up after giving their best. But, that does not deter our spirit to hunt for it! We were forced to use our secret 'weapon' - the GPS! Hunting for it in the middle of the night. With only a quarter tank full of oil in our SLK (small little kancil).Went from town to villages, through the shores and across the forest...

Behold, I hereby present, the famous kueh chap in Kuching!

This place was legendary. Located at the corner of a long stretch of terrace houses. With lots of cars parked along side of the roads. Waiting impatiently for the Kueh Chap to be served.
The place was small, but full of aroma that will naturally make your mouth watery by just being 100 metres radius around this area.
Here comes the famous Kueh Chap. RM4 for a small bowl, RM5 for a medium bowl and RM6 for a large bowl. Looks simple and normal but do not underestimate it!
Prior to the Kueh entering my mouth, its herbs' fragrance already opened up all my taste buds. As the Kueh touches my lips, my tongue was trembling. Eager to savour every last bit of this Kueh Chap. Unfortunately, the Kueh was so slippery and tender that it slipped through my tongue and enters the throat down through the esophagus into the stomach. My tongue was upset! But it makes my tongue crave for more. More! As the pork touches my tongue, somehow my throat reacts to it. The taste stimulated all the nerves in my mouth. Stomach began to growl as it was jealous of the mouth. Fortunately, when I drank the soup, it satisfied all. The mouth, throat and stomach, all working together to enjoy this gastronomic experience.

The location of this Kueh Chap can be found at Taman Riverview Timur, Bintawa, Kuching. Its house number is 1599 and its coordinate is 01° 34.363 N 110° 22.722 E. It opens from 6.30pm-10.30pm. Only 4 hours!


Attending a commencement

Despite having tons of assignments, projects and tests this week...I still managed to spent half of my day attending friend's convocation, though just a simple congratulate wishes. ^^

Its a very grand but a tiresome event. (I'm exhausted!)

82% of my time there were spent on waiting...
9% on photo shootings....
8% on chatting
but only 1% time used for wishing...

The prices for the flowers, soft toys, and chocolates were indeed very expensive during this period of time. A good looking bouquet of flower cost about RM30 while a bouquet of flower with a small Winnie The Pooh package cost about RM70. The cheapest that I saw was a single rose which cost RM10.

Nevertheless, the precious moment when your graduating friends saw you were there for their commencement was priceless. (I believed!)



As promised in my previous post, the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) pictures is here!

 Exterior view of 4 Point Hotel (building too tall....could not take the picture of the whole hotel)
 Translation: Open day of Economic Transformation Programme by PEMANDU
Chief Minister of Sarawak and other VIPs' vehicles. (notice? there's a red carpet)
We are viewing the presentation through a live telecast....STANDING!!!
Can only 'smell' the foods.....cannot eat yet!
Managed to enter the VIP's hall and watch the CM is giving his speech. (he is one of the most influential and powerful person in Sarawak)
Finally, the official opening ceremony...
Booths that will give a more detail information to investors. They have those lab members who will tell interested investors from head to toe on how to set up a business in a particular industry. From how many and what kind of people you should hire, and what kind of training should be provided to them, to how much revenue you can expect from the business!
Optoelectronic....tough subject! (no hope for me...)
Click the picture to have a larger view on what they could do  from 2011 to 2012 if this programme is successful
~Tea break time~ (did not took any photos during lunch break because too time to take)
Curry puffs on the left (weird shape compare to typical curry puff) and among this three kuih, the creamy green cake is the best! ^^


An Odd Day at Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)

I am one of the selected undergraduate in my faculty to undergo this Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) workshop organized by PEMANDU which was held at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Kuching 12 hours ago. (sounds like a grand event)

It is a grand event!! With the presence of Chief Minister of Sarawak and other VIPs from public and private sectors.
Its actually an open day to showcase those results obtained by the representatives from public and private sectors in identifying National Key Economic Areas (NKEA)and to obtain feedback from the rakyat. (Open day means that anyone can attend this workshop. Which mean, I am not selected.....i am forced to attend it!!)

The first moment I stepped into 4 Point Hotel, Kuching, I was.....amazed... (you know 1st time step into this hotel leh....)

Then, I saw so many "higher society" arriving in BMW, Marcedez-Benz, Bentley, and some other "businessman" cars with their own personal drivers. All wearing black suits (like men in black)... Even some of their drivers,  security guards, waiters and staffs wears them. (I am only wearing an old T-shirt with a jeans!! Felt odd...)

I heard that there were about 3000 people attending this ETP open day workshop. Indeed, the place was crowded! There were some people who were shown the way to enter a hall upstairs and some were directed to go to one side of the ground floor (by some pretty event crews, of course!).

We were the ones at the ground floor.....but...problem arises. Where is the seats?? No seats! (Oh no! Do I need to stand from 9am till 6pm?) By the way, we were watching the seminar through a live telecast from the hall upstairs. (will put the pics up soon...)

Those live telecasts are similar to those in the website here (part 1), here (Part 2), here (Part 3) and here (Part 4). And the presentation slides can be obtain here.

Actually, while watching the TV, I believed many were eyeing on the foods there. (all waiting for someone to make the first move)
Of course, with my 'tham jiak' (compulsiveness towards foods) character, I lead them with my first move....took a cup there, fill in the cup with orange juice and start to drink it. (Slumber saja - relaxed only) 
And know...they all start to drink too!

The food was there but was not ready to be served. (can only be 'smelled'....sniff...sniff!!) So, while waiting for the food, we watch the telecast. There were a lot of interesting figures, i admit. They had done a lot of research on this ETP!!

  1. Malaysia is one of only 13 countries in the world to have sustained growth of over 7% for 25 years or more since 1945.
  2. Our GDP growth for the first half of 2010 was 9.5%. (in order to achieve high income nation, our GDP must grow at least 6% per year)
  3. We also reduced our 2010 budget by RM25billion.
  4. Our ringgit is one of the strongest in the last 13 years.
  5. NKEA will boost our Gross National Income (GNI) from RM23,770 (USD6,700) to RM48,000 (USD15,000) per capita.
  6. NKEA was finalized by 1000+ people, 194 MNCs, GLCs, SMEs, Ministries and Gov agencies!! (they mapped the route, the formula, the method and concept.....for our future - respect!!)
To gain the government support (to get them do something), they even sent 12 labs report, 131 entry point projects, 60 business opportunity and 3.3 million job opportunities to the ministers and asked them to read it in 4 days!! (take note that all these are reports...some were reports as thick as your text book!! Of course, you know, the ministers won't properly read it.)

By the way, ETP is actually a PROGRAMME and not a PLAN for Malaysia to become a high income nation by 2020. And, 92% of the investment will come from the private sector, not public sector. They will publish a book contains all these valuable information estimated at 26 October 2010 to the public. (so that people take action and not talk only)

Note: We were served lunch (rice, slices of lemon fried FISH, soy sauce chicken, vege, salads, puddings, and fruits) and tea break (coffee, tea, curry puffs, cake and cake)...hahahaha


Open Air Market

Location: Open Air Market Kuching

This is just some random outing with friends and we went to this shop name Chai Heng. There are all types of vegetables hanging in front of that shop. Only in this picture, there are 12 types of vegetables (counted only the hanging ones) as well as other raw green foods in the basket. (Healthy!)
Have you ever seen this dish? Know what is this? (Guess it!)
Its pronounce as "Chuk Suun" in chinese. Its a kind of seafood where a worm looking creature is wrapped inside a mini bamboo.
It is best cooked with curry to eliminate the bad fishy odour/taste in this seafood.
A close up look.
This is midin which I've mention in my previous post.
Sweet and sour "hak chong".
Prawn cook with butter
Yummy~ (slurrrp~)

ps: Honestly, I only ate a few of that Chuk Suun. Because it taste horrible especially when the liquids contained in the Chuk Suun bursted in my mouth and all the fishy taste makes me want to puke! (no good)


Causeway Bay?

We went to Causeway Bay in Hong celebrate a friend's birthday..this friend here.

Nah! Its just a picture...
Welcome to Causeway Bay in Kuching.
This restaurant offer one of the best western food in Kuching (eh...I thought this is Chinese restaurant?)
Notice something? (hehehe...I know you don't. But, I do!)
Why I say this is the best? Because its has CHEAP and extremely VALUE meal! Come at certain hours of the day and you can get to order their set meal which comes with free soup and drinks.
This is the best...I've forgotten the name of this set. But, honestly, this is the best!!
With less than RM15 you can get to eat all these.... (Best!!)
Yes! Less than RM15!! This set meal is so full that I think it is more suitable to be served for 2 person. (Somehow, I feel that I am promoting this restaurant excessively in this post...)
Ok...I've finished promoting the BEST set meal. The rest...try yourselves. (Lamb Chop)
I think this is chicken chop have two choices. Chicken chop with rice and egg (eastern style) or....
Chicken chop rice in western style.
They also have egg tarts...
Side orders such as this fried.....something..(sui kow, I think)
Fried durian...(Durian??) (back to Malaysia)
Dim sum...(you are in Hong Kong)
Fried yam...
Cheese baked rice (you are in Europe)
 Cheese baked rice with fish fillet at only RM10.50
Steamed venison rice with black pepper sauce at RM7.90
Thai fried rice with crab meat at RM7.90. (you are in Thailand)
Sizzling noodle with fish fillet at RM7.50
Mixed fruit ice with ice-cream at RM4.80