Short Note


Annah Rais Longhouse - Bidayuh Homestay

For the first time in my 4 years of stay in Sarawak, I've finally lay my first step on the famous traditional Bidayuh Longhouse. Its not really traditional actually. They have those not so modern, basic aluminium basins with basic plumbing system as well as basic electricity and basic 17" televisions.

Located about 60km away from Kuching city, this Bidayuh tribe's longhouse consists of more than 80 families and is said to have history of more than 8 generations.

Upon entering this village, we were greeted with traffic jams and fully occupied car park (=.="").

I've always thought that human skulls were hung at the entrance door to the longhouses. (All because of the rumours and stories that brainwashed me when I was a kid). I was wrong! Maybe its true in the past but not in this modern age! 

The revolutionized longhouse welcomed us not with the skulls, but with the SUGAR CANE CRUSHER!!

The sugar cane CRUSHER!!

Entrance to the longhouse
Wooden bridge
The passage along the longhouse with houses at the left and right sides that sheltered many families.
Family gathering
The flooring were made of bamboo sticks.
A collections of bamboo sticks stored for emergency replacements.
Gong Gong Gong~
We toured around the longhouse and watched some tourists trying the traditional blowpipe. With a small fees, they have three tries to blow the pipe with the aim of landing the darts on the targeted area. Each region of the targeted area have its own rewards in the form of monetary and soft drinks.

One of the resident setting up the blowpipe and darts.
The target!
The blowing rule - take a deep breath, aim and release all the air in your lung in an instance!
We ended the visit by entering the house of the head tribe.
What's the thing beside the cage on the left side of this picture and guess what's in the cage??
Its a real human skulls.....