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Retreat @ Siar Beach

Canon EOS 1000D which I used in this trip to capture photos ^^

Of course its not mine!! :((

The journey to Siar Beach begin with getting transports to go there. Since we are in a group of 8 people, we borrowed a jeep and rent a car. Look at this antique jeep....don't look down on him. Its acceleration is faster than the speed of a mouse deer (Perodua). Not to mention the hardness of its body.

I am inside the car behind there...

Siar Beach is located in Lundu. Therefore, go straight!!

There is nothing much to see during the journey to Lundu. All the way, its just one straight narrow road with slight turning.

Houses in this area are of traditional wooden wall + aluminium roofs kind of buildings. It shows the poverty of the people in this kampung (village). 

Alright...another road sign..go straight again..

There are several places of tourist attraction nearby such as the wind cave and fairy cave for those adventurous and Lundu and Sematan for those beach lovers. 

This is what I mean by straight empty narrow road. I looked at my handphone and noticed that there were no network coverage! I begin to wonder what will happen if the car broke down and we were left here in the middle of nowhere with no one available to lend a hand. And its almost night. There were no road lights!!!

Fortunately, we reached safely to the Lundu town. Its a small town. One view could see all.

Bought some foods for tonight and some alcoholic drinks to warm up the body and heat up the night.

Two big packets of ikan bilis (anchovies) in one of the shop where we bought our charcoals.

Manage to capture a photo of pure coffee beans :)

After purchasing all the foods for tonight, the journey continues. Unfortunately, the car I am in was stuck!! Stuck in a muddy road! The old 4x4 jeep goes through this road easily but the new Perodua Viva could not make it. What a shame.... After several minutes of trying, we managed to get out from the mud but our car was badly covered in mud.

The journey to Siar beach took about 2hrs 30min (estimated time) with the driving speed of average 70km/h

Retreat @ Siar Beach. Deluxe room for 4 person at the price of RM198.

The jeep and the perodua in the hotel's car park.

Time to enjoy some exotic view of the hotel's facilities. Starting with the pool's benches.

Crystal clear swimming pool.

3 chairs and a table (lame comment....)

Small but beautifully built.

Not so small anymore. It has a very big compound.

We played beach volleyball and beach soccer under the blazing hot sun!

Siar Beach in the evening....

Where is the sun?

Sunset view

Illegal BBQ at the beach. We could be fined RM300 (more expensive than the room's price) for BBQ-ing at the beach. But, we 'treat' the guard some foods and offer him some drinks and eventually everything was fine. :D

Typical BBQ food - Sausages, chicken wings, potatoes, brinjals, and vegetables.

There is a sudden blackout for the whole area including nearby hotels during the BBQ.

Bought 2 boxes of Heineken, total of 48 cans to drink, drank and drunk!

White wine recommended by FHM magazine

Red wine - Merlot


Buffet style breakfast

Looks normal...but I like the scramble egg.

Sausages again!!

Morning view of the pool

Those people at the back there are those who follows the travel agency for a vacation and they are in their 50's. They are having a morning exercise. What a healthy lifestyle!

Beach in the morning

Look carefully, a couple was searching for seashells in the middle of the ocean.

Siar Beach in the morning....(looks familiar? one took in the evening and another in the morning)

The End