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NFS Undercover

Recently being obsessed with the game Need For Speed: Undercover. This is the 12th extensions of Need For Speed game from Electronic Arts. The most powerful and fastest car in this game is of course the police vehicle...haha... because no matter how powerful your car is namely Bugatti Veyron, Porche, GTR or Lancer EVO, the policeman will still catch up with you. So far I've played NFS underground, underground 2, most wanted, carbon and finally undercover. Undercover is the best among all.

Need For Speed: Undercover

In this game, we played as an undercover police officer who only contacts federal handler Chase Linh (Maggie Q) and later Lt. Jack M. Keller (Paul Pape). The car details are magnificent with all the beautiful graphics and not to forget the sound 'vrrooommm' and 'psst'. Undercover also include the speed breaker from Carbon which helps the player in cornering and evading. The car can be upgraded from street to race and finally to pro.

Besides that, keep an eye on the 'heat' at the bottom left of the game because when that meter reaches a high value, there are more possibility that police will hunt you down. You can always disabled the cops' vehicles but it becomes more difficult when there are also helicopters chasing you around.

For more information please visit their official website at here. Take note of the Need For Speed Edition Shelby Terlingua that could be unlocked using the code NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlingua. (Taken from the official website)


Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour just ended last night with more than 74 countries and 1000 cities supporting this campaign. The Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower of Malaysia played their role as part of the community and business to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009 by switching off the lights in their building.

KL Tower

Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC)

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. It is a wake up call to the global that our Earth is having an ongoing struggle with global warming and its getting worst day by day. What we need to do is not just switching off the lights for this 1 hour. But, we need to change our mindset to continuously saving the usage of the Earth resources. Lights comes from electricity which generated from a generator that uses Earth resources such as petroleum which emits hazardous gases such as CO2 to the atmosphere and eventually these gases damaged the ozone layer at the atmosphere and thus, a process called greenhouse effect happens which we usually also terms as global warming.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.



Kaspersky is a well known anti-virus company which offers their product with a price. Today, I am going to show you all a way to get free key for this antivirus program. First of all, what you need is an internet browser which I think its not a problem as you all manage to view this page. Then, download the trial version of Kaspersky 2009 (KAV or KIS) that you prefer to use. Its better to get an older version of Kaspersky. If your computer have installed any other antivirus program, uninstall it and install Kaspersky antivirus that you have downloaded. Use the activate trial version first. Update your virus definition (to lower the chances of letting Kaspersky to blacklist your newly found free key later). Then, you have to disable or pause the protection of Kaspersky products.

After you have done all the above, go to this web site. Although this website is written in Chinese, but it also offers some English words and the way to download the key is simple. Just go through the list and pick a random link that offers the longest usable date and click it. You will be redirected to another page where you can download your key. With some luck, the key you download is compatible, not blacklisted and can be activated. If not, you have to enter the website again and download another key and try out your luck. To increase the chances of not getting blacklisted when activating the key, disconnect your internet connection before activating it. Enjoy! :D

Note: Its not good to crack a software as the programmers for these softwares put in a lot of efforts in order to provide users a better security. Please support their work by purchasing their product legally. Thank you.

When nature calls...

What do you think of this toilet

Can you live with this?

I've been living with this toilet for about 1year and the condition is getting worse day by day. Thanks to my housemates' nature contributions. I've encountered several time where the faeces stuck on the white area of the bowl. Somehow the person who was satisfying his nature could not even aim properly. One more case is even worse. There is one small pile of a hard, dark, smelly and sticky shit on the water hose! Don't know what happen to this world where the more advance the technology, the more uncivilized people exists.

The yellowish layer on the bowl is something slippery and full of fungi which exists due to the urine's leftover stain. Have you ever wonder why your urine sometimes yellow in colour? Look here for some useful facts. See the notice written there to ask users to flush after use? They are not following it. Now you know where the stain come from!



Robocon is an annual robot contest for university, college and polytechnic students in the Asia-Pacific region. Representatives from various participating countries will compete among each other for the title of that year champion. They are expect to design and construct robot that can perform certain task based on theme and rules. The task of creating a robot will test the designer's creativity, technological abilities and also experience on controlling it. Below are some of the robots sample. Though its not the best but this pictures is just let you guys see an overview of the robot to expect from this contest.

Looks like PlayStation joystick

Circuit used for the robot

A sample robot from ABU Robocon 2008

Sample Robot 2

Sample Robot 3

Sample Robot 4

The winner from each country will be representing their country to the international level organized by Asia Pacific Broadcast Union ( ABU). This contest aims to create friendship among young people with similar interests who will lead their countries in the 21st Century, as well as help advance engineering and broadcasting technologies in the region.

This contest started on 2002 with the theme "Reach the top of Mt. Fuji" and was won by Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam. This year 2009 theme is "Travel Together for the Victory Drums" and the hosting country this year would be in Tokyo, Japan. This year's task is to program and build 3 robots which one of them have to enter a Kago and be transported by the other 2 robots. There are several obstacles such as a "mountain" and the ability to hit the 3 drums. More information about this year's contest could be obtained at aburobocon2009.


Building Website

Some print screen of the draft design with chatbox and animated banner

Just recently uploaded a web site as part of the requirement of the TMX course. That website was built with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Microsoft Access, Abyss Web Server, and also some web hosting searched in google. Please note that my group have no whatsoever knowledge about web design or programming in HTML. But, we are required to build a website that have at least 6 links, the capability of generating random quotes, download, upload, login and also provide a survey form that is able to generate a statistics with just a click! The website that I just uploaded is just the basic layout with all those links completed and a gallery designed using flash. I do not think we manage to do that login and upload part on time. However, we are trying to do what we could until the date of submission with the help of some very good tutorial in the web such as tutorialize .

I think the most important part of this web design is finding a domain or web hosting first before we start our web design especially if you were are planning to get everything done free. We can start by searching through Google and eventually you will find some free domain and hosting. Free Web Hosting, free yahoo web site and biz extension web site are those server that could help you to start your search. Besides that, there are also some web site that could help you change your long free web address into a simple web address such as dot TK and Domain redirection.

After you select the web to host your domain, you should read through the FAQ or requirement. This is the most important part because if you build your web site with Microsoft Front Page but the server could not support that software...then all you did is just a waste of time. Free server usually does not support FTP, which mean it could not upload the whole folder at once...only one file by one file.

After design, upload and then update the links then the web site is there already. Simple but need some knowledge.

Apple® iPhone™ 3G

Maxis will officially launch the support for Apple® iPhone™ 3G which supports GPS, Microsoft Exchange, App Store and of course 3G with full web browsing experience on 20 March 2009 at KL Convention Centre. This is the first time Maxis, as the mobile service provider, sells its plan together with the Apple iPhone. The first in Malaysia. Maybe they are following Singapore's style of marketing their product.

Apple® iPhone™ 3G

Though the support of Apple iPhone features is a bit too late compared to other countries, but I think Malaysian would be satisfied with it especially those iPhone fans and those who already using iPhone but could not use its features to its fullest.

For those who are waiting for promotion on a new Apple iPhone with 3G support in Malaysia, now is the time to book it and be the first to use it as Maxis only open the booking until 17 March 2009. The rates is quite expensive but I am sure that for those handphone geeks, this would not stop them from owning it! It's actually at its reasonable price when we are considering the packages Maxis offers. However, whether the Malaysian would accept the fact that this promotions require them to have a minimum half year contract with Maxis, is still a doubt. Time will determine it. Let's wait a few months and see how's it going. :D



Yamata wasabi peanut

I've been eating this for the past few days. Peanut wrapped with a layer of biscuits (like those Ferrero Rocher layer of biscuit) and covered with green layer of wasabi. When first inserted into the mouth, the moment the wasabi layer touches your tongue, you will have a feeling like drinking a soda drink. Sweet and some ajinamoto taste. Suddenly, you will experience a rush of spicy and salty taste together with some nerves poking feeling on the nose with some migraine symptoms on your head. Sometimes your tears will also happen and forces you to stunned for a moment as the effect of the wasabi goes into your whole body. This feeling will lingers for a moment. When you bite it you will feel the crunchy sensation of the biscuit layer and as your teeth touches to the peanut, you will feel some hardness (peanut is a bit hard!). Biting the peanut will let you taste the scrumptious aromatic taste of the Yamata brand wasabi peanut. The peanut taste will go all the way to your throat and lingers there together with the effect of the wasabi. Continue your crunching and munching and then as you swallow it, you will taste the salty and sweet temptation of monosodium glutamate or commonly known as food addictive. After you swallow it, you will have the sensation of wanting to eat another one. Its so addictive that you will continue eating until at one point you feel very thirsty (the effect of MSG) and then with some thought of preventing sore throat, you will drink water and stop eating it.

Wow...i didn't thought of i would managed to describe until so detail..haha...



Have you ever thought of why you are here? Why the world you live in is complicated? The world was created in just 7days by the almighty God, which is why there are 7 days in a week. Adam is believed to be the first being that was created by God which closely resembles the appearance of God Himself. In the world at that time, there was a big tree which produces scrumptious and delicious apples. The tree was named the Tree of Knowledge (same as the tree name in DOTA game). But, God instructed Adam not to eat the fruit on that tree. It is an order from Him.

At first, everything seems to be holy, pure and simple, which includes the mind of Adam and Eve, the 2nd human on earth, themselves. However, everything changed into a complicated, dangerous and disastrous world in just a simple mistake done by our ancestor. This incident was provoked by one of the unfaithful angel that was following god at that time which we called the Satan or devil. Satan is a heartless and easy to jealous angel who loves to see the world suffer in pain and terror. The evil of the evil! However, Satan could not go against the God as he is also the creation of God (luckily). Another thing that we should note is that he cannot hurt those who have faith in God (fortunately), which, of course Adam and Eve have that faith.

But one of the animal in the kingdom, unfortunately, lost the faith and fall into the control of Satan. With the control of an animal body in the world created by God, the Satan approached Eve one day. During that period, animal and human can communicate with each other. The animal tried to persuade Eve to eat the fruits on the tree but was rejected by her as she remember very well the order from God. Feeling unsatisfied, the animal lied to Eve saying that whoever eat the fruit from the tree will become like God which is why God forbid everyone to eat the fruit from the tree. You will have the power and knowledge like God and have the power to control the world. Eve was tempted and tricked by the animal and ate the forbidden fruit. She even took the fruit to Adam and let him eat without letting him know the origin of the fruit. Suddenly, the view of their mind changed. They are able to see the good and the evil. The good and the bad. They even experienced bad emotions such as anger, envy, irritate, dissatisfaction, and dislike (just to name a few of the many). Everything has changed since that moment...

When God found out that they have eaten the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, everything was too late. The only way to eliminate those thoughts was to exterminate both of them. But, God is loving and just. He could not just "delete" the creation of his own. The creation that He have put his own breath in it. It is against his nature. Therefore, he punished the animal which provoke them by cursing him to live scaly legless reptile with a long narrow body and will have to walk sinuously or twisting and curving forever. And the animal is what we named as snake today. It resembles lie, evil and darkness. For Adam and Eve, they were also punished for going against the God order by sending them to another part in the world, far away from the Tree of Knowledge, so that they will regret, deplore and repent there.

However, do not forget that now, they are able to think rationally and also know how to differentiate between the good and the bad. They even will have bad thoughts occasionally. They inherited the evil part of emotions. Their descendants will have those 50% of darkness thought and 50% of light thought in them. This is what our world has become today. Full with anger, lies, jealousy, evil thoughts, coaxing and hoaxing, bad desires, unforgiving, disrespectful, unwise, and numerous other negativeness. In spite of that, the world still has its positive side. Those who believe and have faith in Him will be free from all those negativeness and have a peaceful and happy life in the kingdom of God when the time comes, full of love and warm care.

The end. Thank you for reading this story and hope that the world will be filled with love and faith so that the Satan will not overcome us, human.


Below are some of the pictures of this university. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is the eighth public university in Malaysia, and the first one initiated by the aspirations of Wawasan 2020.

It consists of faculties such as economics and business, engineering, computer science and information technology, applied and creative arts, cognitive sciences and human development, social sciences, resource science and technology and medicine and health sciences, though the medicine and health sciences is currently not located within the main campus in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. The medicine faculty is separated from the main campus and is located in
Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching, nearby the general hospital for the convenient of training.

Currently, there are 8 student's colleges namely, Cempaka, Bunga Raya, Tun Ahmad Zaidi (TAZ), Alamanda, Sakura, Seroja, Kenanga and Lot 77. This university has one of the largest library in Malaysia which they called Centre for Academic Information Services or CAIS. In March 2005 CAIS has migrated to a new integrated library system which consists of 3 main subsystems i.e. Library management system Millennium, Materials Flow Management System and Extended Modules . The Materials Flow Management System supports and automate daily activities in the areas of security, materials processing, self check-in and check-out as well as inventory control. Extended Modules package consists of Smart Library Skills, Smart Reference Desk, Academic Forum and Visitor Tracking.

Let the pictures do the talking. However, the pictures taken is only the West Campus. I will update it when i got the pictures of the East Campus and the medical campus.

View of part of the campus
University chancellery
Pillar for flags
UNIMAS bridge which rumoured to cost about RM3.4mil
UNIMAS bridge, Tasik UNIMAS and the Water Tower

Library (CAIS)
One of the student's college (Cempaka) main entrance
One of the student's college (TAZ)

Cempaka College in overall view
Back view of Cempaka College
Road to TAZ and Bunga Raya College