Short Note


Lui Cha (Lei Cha)

I tried out the one of the best lui cha in town as posted in my previous post. This Lui Cha is one of the 'healthiest' food that i had ever tasted. Why? Because it is extremely unimaginably bitter! People say that foods that are bitter or tasteless are best for health. Lui cha is one of them!

Lui Cha is originated from Hakka which consists of a mixture of tea leaves. The leaves are grind and pounded together until the leaves turn into tiny bits. Thus, the name lui cha is formed which literally means 'grind/pound/ground tea'.

From the above picture, it can be seen that it is served with rice and top with peanuts, chopped long beans and some vegetables. How do we eat it? Easy! Just pour all the green soup into the bowl of rice on the right. But, BEWARE! If you are not used to the taste (like me), this dish will electrify your intellect and senses while sending paralytic pulses into your neurons causing you to momentarily stunned with the possibility of puking! (exaggerated) For your information, I only ate the rice and pass the green tea to my friend. Well, some people like it and some people don't. :)

One of the process of making this Hakka dish can be viewed here.


Technology that changes the world

A video which recently shown to me by my lecturer and I would like to share with my viewers. Its a brilliant technology that would certainly change the digital world. Lets submerge into the 'sixth-sense' technology.