Short Note


To Die or Not To Die

TO DIE or NOT TO DIE are question from the PAST!

WHEN TO DIE is the question from the PRESENT!

HOW TO DIE is the question of the FUTURE!



Location: Carvery Restaurant (Lot 2069, Jalan Utama, Bintawa Industrial Estate, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak)
Phone no. for booking: 6082-345429 
Time: Mon-Sat (11.30am-2.30pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm)
Price: RM48 per pax for dinner (including tax)
Type: Buffet

The buffet in Carvery is different from most buffet that you've experienced. Its a type of buffet where you will be served by the waiters and waitresses. 

1. They will first instruct you to take the appetizers by yourselves (typical buffet) which consists of fried rice, salad, ham, taufu, vegetables, carrots, bread with butter, pasta, brinjal, potatoes, squids, and mushroom soup. (hopefully I've succeeded listing down all the buffet appetizers menu ^.^)

2.  Then you will be served by the waiters and waitresses with slices of lambs, sausages, frankfurters, beefs, fishes, chickens and whatever type of meats (I do not even know what type of meat I am eating, honestly....).

3. After about 10 different menus, you can order which type of menu that you prefer or like. Its like the previously served menu are just for testing purposes and then, now comes the real meal. However, by just testing all the slices of food that were served by them, your stomach is already at its 80% limit!

4. The drinks are just plain cold water which are refillable and any ordered drinks will be charged accordingly.

5. Hint: Make a booking before go to Carvery on weekends as the dining area can support only up to 56 guests. Do not eat too much 'appetizers'. The best will come after the appetizers!

6. Finally, empty your stomach before going there.  
Dining area (they also have a drinking bar)
Dining table


Mushroom Soup

1st dish served: Chicken wing
The waitress is serving us by slicing the meat bit by bit
From top to bottom, steak, lamb leg and green mussel
Black pepper steak on the left
Lamb meat
Don't know what meat (taste like 3 layer pork meat but its not pork for sure)
Chicken chop
Extra order: we ordered another 10-15 pieces of dory fishes, about 30 green mussels, another 10-15 steak and lambs each! ^^
Dory fishes with lemon and its sauce on the left
There are steaks, lamb legs, beefs, chicken with ham, and others.
Bill for 10 guests - RM48 per person including tax


Have you ever wonder what's inside your notebook?

This is a typical CompaQ notebook. Looks nice and new. But, when you are frustrated with its notorious under-performance cooling system, disassemble it!
Surprise!! This is what you see...sorry for the blur image.. (i'm still using 2.0 MP handphone camera)
Look at the 'damage' done...Fortunately, its not really a damage. Its just what you see when you take off every pieces of the notebook just for the sake of cleaning the notebook's internal fan system.
This is the notebook's motherboard.
Disclaimer: ONLY disassemble your notebook under professional supervision! :)


People Mountain People Sea

People mountain people sea. What does it mean?

Its a direct translation from the chinese character ren shan ren hai (人山人海) which bring the meaning of a lot of people gathering in one place at a time. People from the mountain and even people from the sea, swarms onto the land.

This is what happen during the recent Chinese New Year week. Suria FM was having a road show in Taiping Sentral and this picture shows it all.