Short Note


What do you know about hotel stars rating?

The quality of hotel can be measured by looking at its rating. There are no standardized star rating system. Each country has their own rating system. Generally:

5-Star Rating: A luxurious hotel, offering the highest degree of personal service. Elegance and style abound, and rooms are equipped with quality linens, VCR, CD stereo, jacuzzi tub and in-room video. There are multiple restaurants on site with extensive, gourmet menus, and room-service is also available 24-7. A fitness center, valet parking and concierge service round out the experience.

4-Star Rating: Formal, large hotels, with top-notch service. There will usually be other hotels of the same caliber clustered nearby, as well as shopping, dining and entertainment. Above-average service, beautifully furnished rooms, restaurants, room service, valet parking, fitness center and a concierge are some amenities to expect.

3-Star Rating: Usually located near a major expressway, business center and/or shopping area, these hotels offer nice, spacious rooms and decorative lobbies. On-site restaurants may be average in size but will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Valet and room service, a small fitness center and a pool are often available.

2-Star Rating: These hotels are generally part of a chain that offers consistent quality and limited amenities. They are small or medium in size and rooms will have a phone and TV. While you will not have the convenience of room service, there should be a small restaurant on site.

1-Star Rating: Expect a small hotel managed and operated by the owner. The atmosphere will be more personal and the accommodations basic. Restaurant service should be within walking distance, as well as nearby public transportation, major intersections and entertainment that is reasonable in price.

Read more about it here and here (MAH).

Which is more fuel efficient? Drive with or without air-conditioner?

Many people thought that driving with the air-conditioner switched off and wind the windows down will actually save the car fuel.

I remember watching the Mythbuster solving this myth on Discovery Channel few years back.

They reached a conclusion that when driving at a speed that of less than 50 mph, it is more efficient to leave the windows down.

However, if the speed is over 50 mph, the drag is increased, and therefore, it is more efficient to leave the air conditioner on.


The Value of Life

"What is your purpose of life?", a friend once asked me.

Wealth? Name? Achievements? Financial security?

Study hard, get a good pay job, loving wife, cute kids ?

"Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

I chooses "Giving others joy!" ^^



Hopes for this year:
1. Stop procrastinating. (I don't think this will succeed)
2. Finish up my research on prediction on breast cancer tumour. (Gambate!)
3. Graduate with flying colours.
4. Be baptized. (Hopefully)
5. Save up and buy a new camera. (hopefully the price will drop)
6. Travel to Vietnam and come back in one piece. (pray hard)
7. Prepare transportation and accommodation for my sponsored master programme. (Buy new car perhaps)
8. Keep up with the demands and expectations from Northern Corridor and Intel. (For the $$)
9. Make full use of my 12 days annual leave and 3 days convocation leave. (a must!)
10. Sleep more, eat more, play more. (Enjoy)


Ending my 2010

Leaving 2010, entering 2011.
For the month of December 2010 I've traveled from the East Malaysia to the West Malaysia and from the south peninsular to the north peninsular.

Kuching-Sematan-Miri-Brunei-Kuala Lumpur-Taiping-Port Weld-Penang

Here are some of the pics:

Sematan Palm Beach Resort
Bluish view of the ocean
Soft sandy beach
The Beach
Sunset at Sematan beach
Thanks to my Miri friend, I've visited almost every attractive places in Miri. Taman Selera Miri, Taman Awam Miri, San Ching Tian Taoist Temple, Miri City Fan, Pustaka Miri, Canada Hill and Luak Bay Esplanade are some of them.
The Grand Old Lady - Canada Hill - Malaysia's first oil well
Make it move! - Taman Awam Miri
Miri City Fan - a 10.4 hectare park at the center of the city
At one of the statues at San Ching Tian Taoist Temple - Largest Taoist temple in South East Asia (notice anything?)
Excapade Sushi @ Brunei