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H1N1 Update

Latest report about this pandemic. As I am typing my previous post I accidentally found out the latest report on this pandemic as of today, 16 July 2009.

There are a total of 825 reported A/H1N1 cases in Malaysia and out of that 25 were being treated at hospitals, 97 had received outpatient treatment and 703 had recovered from the disease.

Mind you...The numbers stated above are just the reported cases. Which mean there are also a numbers of cases not reported!


Looks like I'm back to my academic session. Sorry for not updating for about a month. Couldn't access my account from my university due to some restrictions. 10 days ago, on my way back here, I departed from LCCT using an airasia flight which I've been using a few times a year. However, 3 days after my departure, and I'm back to my college, I've receive a call from the Health Department and have been ordered to undergo home quarantine for about a week as I'm suspected to be another H1N1 victim due to a person onboard my plane has been confirmed with the pandemic. Fortunately, I'm free from the pandemic as I went through the screening 3 days ago and the doctor wrote me a letter to free me from the quarantine order. I found out that there are about 10 people on the same plane as I am who study at the same place as I am.

Alright, let's backtrack! On the day I arrived to my university, I've been to various places around Kuching to buy some essential stuffs. However, I've only been informed to be quarantined 3 days after I arrived. Isn't it too late to do the quarantine as IF....i say IF I am really infected, does this mean that anyone that I'm in contact with will also have to be quarantined? haha. Also, does this mean that the airport screening method is not effective?

Talking about quarantine, the quarantine that I have is like...not a quarantine at all. They said they will send someone to examine us and handle our foods but unfortunately, they did not. We have to find our own food in spite of being quarantined. Eventually, Its all up to the self discipline of the victim to contained themselves at home. :D

Time for some facts from some major online news. As of 14 July, there are 804 cases in Malaysia. Out of that amount, 696 or 86 percent have recovered, 77 are undergoing home quarantine and another 31 patients are being treated in the hospital. The latest announcement by the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that the pandemic was now unstoppable!! Fortunately, It is said that Malaysia are now in the midst of ordering the vaccine and would be one of the first to get it. So no worries. The major symptom of swine flu are cough, sore throat, flu, high fever, lost of appetite and drowsiness. Its very hard to identify this disease as it is similar to common sickness. Therefore, immediately proceed to the nearest hospital if you were found to exhibit these symptoms. Buena suerte!