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Open Air Market

Location: Open Air Market Kuching

This is just some random outing with friends and we went to this shop name Chai Heng. There are all types of vegetables hanging in front of that shop. Only in this picture, there are 12 types of vegetables (counted only the hanging ones) as well as other raw green foods in the basket. (Healthy!)
Have you ever seen this dish? Know what is this? (Guess it!)
Its pronounce as "Chuk Suun" in chinese. Its a kind of seafood where a worm looking creature is wrapped inside a mini bamboo.
It is best cooked with curry to eliminate the bad fishy odour/taste in this seafood.
A close up look.
This is midin which I've mention in my previous post.
Sweet and sour "hak chong".
Prawn cook with butter
Yummy~ (slurrrp~)

ps: Honestly, I only ate a few of that Chuk Suun. Because it taste horrible especially when the liquids contained in the Chuk Suun bursted in my mouth and all the fishy taste makes me want to puke! (no good)



SweeAng♥ said...

ahBoon, dun tamak, start trying with small tek tang (Chuk Suun) 1st! hahaha! another should try is "宫保 oyster" and "田鸡"

アブン said...

what to do....tham jiak habit..