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Causeway Bay?

We went to Causeway Bay in Hong celebrate a friend's birthday..this friend here.

Nah! Its just a picture...
Welcome to Causeway Bay in Kuching.
This restaurant offer one of the best western food in Kuching (eh...I thought this is Chinese restaurant?)
Notice something? (hehehe...I know you don't. But, I do!)
Why I say this is the best? Because its has CHEAP and extremely VALUE meal! Come at certain hours of the day and you can get to order their set meal which comes with free soup and drinks.
This is the best...I've forgotten the name of this set. But, honestly, this is the best!!
With less than RM15 you can get to eat all these.... (Best!!)
Yes! Less than RM15!! This set meal is so full that I think it is more suitable to be served for 2 person. (Somehow, I feel that I am promoting this restaurant excessively in this post...)
Ok...I've finished promoting the BEST set meal. The rest...try yourselves. (Lamb Chop)
I think this is chicken chop have two choices. Chicken chop with rice and egg (eastern style) or....
Chicken chop rice in western style.
They also have egg tarts...
Side orders such as this fried.....something..(sui kow, I think)
Fried durian...(Durian??) (back to Malaysia)
Dim sum...(you are in Hong Kong)
Fried yam...
Cheese baked rice (you are in Europe)
 Cheese baked rice with fish fillet at only RM10.50
Steamed venison rice with black pepper sauce at RM7.90
Thai fried rice with crab meat at RM7.90. (you are in Thailand)
Sizzling noodle with fish fillet at RM7.50
Mixed fruit ice with ice-cream at RM4.80


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