Short Note



Are you interested in flash games?

Are you having limited creativity?

Need something to stimulate your mind?

I present you Eyezmaze!

Haven't heard of this game?!

Its a website that offer visitors the fun and excitement of playing flash games while stimulating one's creativity and mind. This games not only provide cute and interesting characters but, also, it tests one's mind and memory. Not to forget, catchy musics and ending surprises!

Currently, all the game is done by a Japanese guy who do not know English language. Fortunately, he has a partner who helped him to translate (but the partner was quite busy). Besides, he also received helps from his fans all over the world, helping him in the translations (nothing is impossible if your product is good). Currently, this website is offering English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French language.

The games in the website are categorized into GROW series (my favourite!), miniGROW, JOBs, other GAMEs and miniGAMEs. Also, on the upper right corner of the website there is a cute guy there waving at you (some sort of welcoming you). That welcome guy will play with you the notorious "scissors, stone, cloth".

I'll just explain about the GROW series as this is my favourite. The rest you should try out yourself as there are a lot of surprises through out the game. For the GROW series, player have finish the game by growing the character/puzzle/planet/plant/...... (depend on the game) to the highest level. Its like a puzzle. You can finish the game anyhow but different clicking order produces different ending. Well, I usually would prefer the ending where all the puzzles upgraded to lvl 5 which is the highest level as it always offer surprising ending (sometimes funny, sometimes make me "wow").

Anyway, hope you enjoy the game. EYEZMAZE


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