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Tian Pian Hu

Location: Siang Siang, 7th mile, Kuching

Deng Pian Hu This food is called Tian Pian Hu which I recently found in Kuching, Sarawak. Its name is in Foochow language. This specialty was originated from Fuzhou City, China but was brought to Sibu, Sarawak by Mssrs.Tie Yang. This Foochow’s cuisine was quite a famous food in the 50’s and 60’s.

Deng Pian Hu1

Inside this soup, there lies various kind of different delicacies. Meat balls, fish balls,  squids, fishes, seaweeds, chicken and pork meats, and some kind of mushy kueh teow.


This Kuching Tian Pian Hu’s soup has a lot of pepper taste and it is also very oily. The ingredients are also not that much compared to the price that I’ve to pay which is RM4. Also, with an extra RM1 they will add in an egg. The squids in this cuisine taste like….something RAW!!!


However, I was told by my friend that the Tian Pian Hu in Kuching was not the same as the Sibu’s. According to him, there are not much soup in this cuisine and also it has more ingredients in it and it also taste better.


Overall, it’s something not worth to try but you could try it if you want to taste what an imitate tian pian hu is like. :D



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