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Joo Leong Cafe Bayan Lepas

Just came back from my breakfast with two of my housemates. Found this location from here and we decided to give it a try.

Due to the fact that the breakfast served here is only served from 6.20 am to 11.30 am, we were forced to wake up early in the morning. All FOR THE SAKE of this "noh te noh liap" (Hokkien), where in this case, it means two slices of toasted bread and two half-boiled eggs.

Joo Leong Cafe

Many people were going in and out from this cafe with cars parking up to 50m along the roadsides and even at the opposite side of the road.
The famous self-made toasted breads with butter toppings. When sugar  was poured onto the surface of the bread during immediate serving, you can observe the melting of the sugar and the emerging of a glimmering texture.
Half-boiled eggs in a cup
One set - noh te noh liap (two slices of bread and two half-boiled eggs)
They also serve ikan bilis and fish nasi lemak 

By the way, during our visit, the three of us ordered a total of 12 slices of toasted bread, 10 half-boiled eggs, 2 packets of ikan bilis nasi lemak, 1 packet of fish nasi lemak, 1 cham peng, 1 teh peng and 1 kopi-O peng. :-D

All I can say is that, I've tasted better. :)


Joo Leong Coffe Cafe
179-H, Sungei Tiram, Bayan Lepas
Penang. West Malaysia.
Tel (1) : 010-4124865
Tel (2) : 012-4984865
Coordinate: 5°18'7"N   100°16'34"E


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